Bruce Lynn

Dynamic Work was founded by Bruce Lynn who now serves as ‘chairman’ of Dynamic Work, but is no longer available for consulting engagements.  Anyone interested in exploring Dynamic Work concepts further can contact him on brucely@dynamicwork.co.uk and he can refer you to some exceptionally talented partners with whom he has worked in this area.

Bruce is a 20 year veteran of applying technology innovations to business, including 15 years with industry leader Microsoft.  Bruce held a number of Director positions in the Microsoft UK operation including running its Internet business unit as well as its billion dollar Server business unit.

Before joining Microsoft, he held the position of UK Managing Director for Kenan Systems, and worked for the systems houses/consulting firms Mercer, and Applied Expert Systems.  Bruce received his honours degree in History and Economics from Harvard University.

Bruce blogs on the topics of ‘Leadership and Management’ and ‘Turning Adversity to Advantage’ at http://brucelynnblog.spaces.live.com.

The enterprise grew out of a focus on the area of flexible working and how technology can enhance work practices and work places.  Bruce spoke and wrote on this topic extensively in recent years, most prominently with his TechNet blog ' 'Dynamic Work' '.  The archive to those posts and ongoing examination of this field are continued here .

Bruce has assumed the title of 'Chief Dynamist', defined as...

             A.      one who fosters, creates or produces dynamism.
             B.      shorthand for ‘Evangelist for Dynamic Work’.
             C.      (textbook) follower of the philosophy that ‘seeks to impact the phenomena
                       of business by the action of force’.

For testimonials about Bruce's work and approach to business, check out his LinkedIn Recommendations .